Dementia Friends

The prevalence of dementia continues to increase dramatically as the baby-boomer generation gets older and life spans continue to increase. As more and more of us begin to either experience or encounter those who have some form of cognitive impairment, it is important to increase our understanding and change the way we think about dementia. A new organization based in England called Dementia Friends aims to turn understanding into action by changing the way people act, think and talk about dementia.

Most people have heard the word dementia, but not everyone fully understands what it means and what life is like for a person who experiences such symptoms. The goal of Dementia Friends is to improve everyday life for people with dementia by helping them feel understood and included in their community. By educating people about Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia, we will notice and be more inclined to help those who find themselves in difficult situations due to cognitive failures.

A dementia friend is simply someone who gives a helping hand to those who might have forgotten the way to the store or which bus to take. Dementia friends are also people who volunteer and help support an understanding of dementia. The organization hopes that 1 million people will consider themselves dementia friends by 2015. While Dementia Friends started in England, it is an encouraging effort that would benefit people on an international level.