Liftware spoon released

Remember that spoon we wrote about that was made to assist eating with a tremor rather than trying to stop the tremor? They have released it and are planning new attachments.

You can watch the video here:

Learn more about the technology behind the spoon here:

Tremors that present with a handful of disorders, most prominently Parkinson’s Disease, create a barrier for normal activity for the person with the tremor.  A common complaint of a tremor is having to focus so hard on getting the food to one’s mouth that they cannot socialize naturally during a meal.  Previous assistance devices for eating with a tremor attempted to restrain the tremor rather than working with it. This new view of assisting normal activity without fighting the tremor shows a new view of finding ways to function with the disease rather than difficult and sometimes painful efforts to fight it every step of the way.

Parkinson’s is a serious, life-changing disease, to learn more about the disease, visit: