Cognitive stimulation designed by experts, brought to your home

The Cognitive Therapeutics Method is a science-based cognitive stimulation program that is administered one-on-one in the comfortable home environment to promote brain health and proactively delay cognitive decline.

The Cognitive Therapeutics Method can be beneficial to a wide range of clients including those who are worried about being affected by cognitive limitations one day and others who are currently experiencing symptoms, since the program includes over 300 interventions with varying levels of difficulty to choose from to keep the activities enjoyable and just challenging enough. By selecting interventions that are appropriate for each individual, the Cognitive Therapeutics Method can not only improve our clients’ mental acuity, but also their overall engagement and happiness.

The Cognitive Therapeutics Method is unique in several ways:

  • Personalized
  • Our team works directly with you and your loved ones to create a personalized intervention plan that meets your specific needs. The Cognitive Therapeutics staff tailors each intervention plan according to the individual’s abilities, limitations, personal interests, preferences and histories after a comprehensive admission evaluation is completed.

  • Designed by Experts
  • The interventions are based on scientific research and developed by our team of experts. These interventions address a wide array of cognitive and non-cognitive domains that are not just limited to memory. Our five cognitive domains include memory, executive functioning, language, attention, and visual-spatial perception. Many dementia support programs focus primarily or exclusively on memory because memory loss is often the first noticeable symptom. However it is only one of many key areas of cognitive functioning that needs to be addressed.

  • In-Home Treatment
  • Our focus on implementing the individualized intervention plan in the home allows clients to maintain their comfort and privacy and to function optimally without having to adjust to the confusion and distress of an unfamiliar environment.

  • Family Support
  • Cognitive Therapeutics involves and supports the family members and loved ones who live alongside our clients. We share monthly updates with approved family members to keep them informed on the individual’s progress. We also offer various educational resources to family members who wish to learn more about how to interact or communicate with their loved ones at home.


For clients who also need assistance with daily living, Cognitive Therapeutics trains Home Care Assistance caregivers in selected interventions from the Cognitive Therapeutics Method so they can administer one-on-one cognitive activities with clients in addition to providing basic assistance with activities of daily living.

Contact Cognitive Therapeutics or your nearest Home Care Assistance office for more information.