Introducing the Cognitive Therapeutics Method, a new program developed by Home Care Assistance.

Home Care Assistance developed the Cognitive Therapeutic Method to promote sustained daily functioning and quality of life for individuals who want to take a proactive approach to the long-term brain health of themselves or a loved one. Home Care Assistance noticed the need for a program that seeks to delay cognitive decline given that more than half of the population aged 85 and older experience some form of cognitive limitation.

The Cognitive Therapeutics Method is a science-based cognitive stimulation program that can be administered one-on-one in the comfortable home environment. The Cognitive Therapeutics Method is designed to prevent the onset of cognitive decline in individuals who are cognitively healthy as well as slow the progression of those experiencing some form of mild cognitive impairments.

To develop the Cognitive Therapeutics Method, a team of researchers conducted a thorough literature review on one-on-one care, coping techniques, dietary influences, exercise for aging, social interaction, sensory stimulation, cognitive practice, and recreation in relation to long-term brain health. Our team will continue to research ways to maintain cognitive health to ensure our program remains at the forefront of cutting edge discoveries related to brain health.