What does the Cognitive Therapeutics Method program provide?

The Cognitive Therapeutics Method is an activity-based cognitive stimulation program to help older adults stay independent and mentally sharp. The program was developed by Home Care Assistance and is based on scientific literature that points to cognitive stimulation as a way to stave off, as well as prevent, the onset of new symptoms of cognitive decline.

There are two levels of service to the program. Clients who need assistance with activities of daily living can receive the program through Home Care Assistance caregivers trained in the Cognitive Therapeutics Method. Caregivers who complete an extensive training on the Method can administer over 20 cognitive activities in addition to providing basic home care.

Clients who do not need home care services or who wish to receive a more personalized program can also receive services by working with a Certified Interventionist. Interventionists have a minimum of a bachelor's degree in psychology, nursing, education, or other related areas, and are trained to administer cognitive activities based on a personalized intervention plan developed according to an admission evaluation. In our evaluation, we assess the client's cognitive abilities, history and preferences to create an extensive intervention plan that is most appropriate for each client.

Our services administered by caregivers and Interventionists are provided one-on-one in the familiar home environment, offering an enjoyable and unique alternative to day centers and skilled nursing facilities. Plus, the personalized nature of the program means clients with varying degrees of cognitive health can benefit. Providing interventions within the home allows clients to maintain their privacy and remain in an environment in which they are most comfortable.

What is the difference between the Cognitive Therapeutics Method and home care?

While the Cognitive Therapeutics Method is also offered through Home Care Assistance caregivers, it is distinct from basic home care services. The Cognitive Therapeutics Method is a program in which caregivers and Interventionists work one-on-one with clients and keep them cognitively engaged. Basic home care is a personal care service that assists individuals with a wide range of non-medical related activities of daily living, such as transportation, cooking, bathing and dressing.

Home Care Assistance caregivers are trained to provide a selected group of cognitive activities in addition to basic home care, while Interventionists are specialized staff who administer a wide range of interventions and are not caregivers.

How do I know if the Cognitive Therapeutics Method is right for my loved one or me?

The Cognitive Therapeutics Method has been developed for individuals at all cognitive levels, whether one is already showing symptoms of cognitive decline or simply wants to prevent symptoms from occurring at a later time. The Cognitive Therapeutics team has developed over 300 interventions, many of which have varying levels of difficulty, so that we can hand select the most meaningful and appropriate interventions that are enjoyable and just challenging enough.

If you would like to schedule an assessment or are unsure whether you need the program administered by Home Care Assistance caregivers or our Certified Interventionists, please feel free to call our main office at 1-866-454-8346.

How do I receive the Cognitive Therapeutics Method services?

Individuals may be referred to the Cognitive Therapeutics Method program by a physician or by contacting the nearest office. The client will then start services after participating in a free assessment that allows us to have a detailed understanding of the client's strengths and weaknesses, background and preferences.

How much intervention time will be scheduled each week?

Each client will have a unique schedule that fits his/her specific needs. Caregivers or Interventionists can spend about one to three hours per day on cognitive interventions depending on the client's preference, for three to seven days a week. We work around the client's schedule to arrange the interventions to be held at the most convenient time.

Who will provide the service?

Either a Home Care Assistance caregiver or Certified Interventionist will provide services. For the caregiver-administered program, Home Care Assistance caregivers, who are trained to administer over 20 cognitive activities, provide services. These caregivers are also trained to provide assistance with activities of daily living during their time with clients.

For the Interventionist-administered program, Certified Interventionists, who have a minimum of a bachelor's degree in psychology, nursing, education or related area, provide services. This program includes over 300 activities to select from, and Interventionists are trained to administer interventions that are most appropriate and meaningful for each individual.

Where can I receive services?

Contact your local Home Care Assistance office to find out if the Cognitive Therapeutics Method is offered at your location.